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Yesterday members of our Executive management team in Brisbane hosted a delegation from the Legal Aid Foundation Taiwan – including their Secretary-General.

The delegation was on a fact-finding mission to get insight on how we deliver our specialised legal services. Of particular interest were things such as the cultural competency of our staff, our quality controls and Murri Court  – (given the Indigenous population in Taiwan).


With the help of an interpreter the meeting proved to be great cross cultural exchange. The delegation was clearly grateful for our time and feedback, which included the provision of casework standards.


As a mark of appreciation the ATSILS team was presented with a special gift, a “Limpidwing Flying Fish” (“sosowowon”) crafted by a father and son team of Indigenous Taiwanese artists.


The amazing piece of artwork heralds from the Tao Indigenous peoples on Orchid Island (Pongso no Tao) – the only marine ethnic group of Taiwan. The flying fish is an important symbol of the Tao indigenous peoples. “The first catch in the open season will only be shared by family members of the fishermen.  All of the family members shall eat the first catch”.


Their delegation consisted of:

1. Attorney Mr. Wei-Shyang Chen, Secretary-General, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

2. Mr. Chih-Wei, Tsai, Board Member, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

3. Attorney Ms. Tsai-Yi Chen, Executive Secretary, Taitung Branch, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

4. Mr. Te-Yen Chou, Deputy- Director, Department of Legal Affairs, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

5. Ms. Si-Wei Huang, Deputy- Director, Department of Business & Management, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

6.Ms. Yu-Shan Chang, PHD Candidate, University College, London (translator)

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