Service Suspensions

Regrettably, ATSILS Ipswich Regional Office will be temporarily suspending services at Richlands Magistrates Court for all new in custody matters, adult duty lawyer and Saturday Court (we will still undertake in-custody matters for existing clients). This will come into effect as of Monday, 29 May 2023. Staff will still conduct services for Childrens Court matters on Thursday, including ongoing matters and duty lawyer services. Our office will continue to act for all current ongoing matters and staff will also appear in the Murri Court. For the Murri Court, our Ipswich Regional Office will continue to accept referrals.

At this stage, the temporary suspension of services will be until 31 July, however this will be subject to review. It will be brought forward if a replacement staff can be recruited and onboarded sooner than anticipated, however the suspension period could also be extended if recruitment takes longer.

For more information on all temporary service suspensions across Queensland view:

Service Suspensions

Our CEO Shane Duffy speaks with ABC Far North QLD about the current funding issues crippling ATSILS around the nation & why urgent government intervention is needed. #ATSILSFundingEmergency


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ABC Far North Queensland – 17 May 2023 07:47:42 (

Service Suspensions

Maroochydore – Regional Office

A temporary suspension of service that includes, appearing for fresh arrests in a duty lawyer capacity, will commence in the Sunshine Coast region as of Monday, May 15th, 2023 – this service suspension will be for those persons held at the Maroochydore and Caboolture watchhouses and who are to appear before the said Courts between Monday to Friday inclusive.

Such suspension would also entail our not then taking carriage of the said matter(s) the defendants appearing before those Courts have ongoing.

Our current criminal team in the region is having real problems maintaining current workloads and meeting the demand for services.

For more information on our statewide service suspension please see: