ATSILS Supports A Human Rights Act for Queensland

ATSILS CEO ImageThe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (QLD) Ltd supports the campaign calling for the introduction of a Human Rights Act for Queensland. Without an Upper House in Queensland a Bill of Rights could act as a vital safety net to prevent human rights breaches and  to ensure the government considers, justifies and reports on the human rights implications of their actions.

ATSILS CEO Shane Duffy spoke to The Guardian Australian about the importance of a Bill of Rights for Queensland and the significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“What it does is provide an opportunity to put a litmus test over any proposed bill that comes before parliament that disproportionately or adversely impacts on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people,” he told Guardian Australia.

Mr Duffy pointed to changes by the former Newman government to juvenile justice legislation, removal of detention as a punishment of last resort, and bail laws, as examples of such laws. He said a human rights act would need to be one with “a little bit of bite”.

Now that the Labor Party has confirmed its commitment to the introduction of a Human Rights Act the time is right to work together to convince the Queensland Government to Act Now!

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Support the campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland

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