ATSILS Adopts New Branding

Today, 1st February 2023, ATSILS officially adopts its new branding. 
Our staff have been working tirelessly over the past month to transition all of our communication resources to the new branding and from this date forward we will operate under a new logo and visual identity.
Our 50th anniversary of service was seen as a great opportunity to embrace a new corporate identity in a way that honours our proud history and helps usher in a new era of advancing the legal and human rights of our clients.
Our new logo represents a journey through the legal system supported by ATSILS. The concept forms a subtle ‘Q’ that gives a sense of location and also forms a magnifying glass to reference our role in monitoring the legal system to ensure the rights of our clients are upheld. The colour palette selected reflects the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Queensland.
We’d like to thank strategic design agency Relative Creative for their work in developing the branding and Goreng Goreng contemporary artist Rachael Sarra for creating the specialty artwork that helps connect the brand more deeply with the communities we serve.