Avoid a Funeral R.I.P. Off

Avoid a Funeral R.I.P Off – Information for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Consumers

A new national campaign “Avoid a funeral rip-off” has been released by Australian consumer protection agencies this week. The campaign aims to inform Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander consumers about the different funeral products that are available and to help prevent them signing up for funeral plans that are expensive, complex and not suitable for their needs.

Funerals can be costly and there are many options available to cover the cost of your funeral so don’t rush into a decision. Take the time to research and seek advice to help ensure you find a product that is suitable for you needs.

Below are links to resources that can help you become more aware of the pitfalls and options available.

Avoid of Funeral R.I.P Off – Campaign Video

Information on Paying For Funerals – ASIC Smart Money Resources

Choosing funeral cover – Queensland Government Information


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