If you would like to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS) in its mission to advance the legal and human rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia you can donate to our service using the details below.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services around Australia are all grappling with a funding emergency that is impacting our clients, communities and workforce. Funding from the Federal and State Governments is out of step with the spiralling demand for our services and is undermining our recruitment and retention initiatives. Our workforce is doing all they can to meet the legal needs of communities however the chronic underfunding will undoubtedly mean that more and more vulnerable people will not have equal access to justice and staff will continue to leave our service due to unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive salary levels (compared to other legal assistance providers).

Black Lives Matter - Donate to ATILS

Every donation received will help us to ensure better access to justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Currently we can accept donations via:

1. Electronic Funds Transfer


Account Name: Public Donations Account – ATSILS (QLd) Ltd
BSB: 034-001
Account Number: 541461

Reference: Type ‘DON’ followed by your ‘SURNAME’

*Please email: if you would like a receipt for taxation purposes.

ATSILS delivers professional, innovative and culturally proficient legal services across criminal, civil and family law areas. We have been fighting for the rights of First Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for over 50 years and we advocate strongly for changes to laws and poor policy that continue to disadvantage our people and communities.

In addition to legal services, we also deliver intervention, prevention and legal education programs to help divert clients and those at risk in communities away from contact with the justice system. This includes a Throughcare service that helps clients break the cycle of offending through a highly tailored case management approach. We also assist families and communities with Coronial and Public sector monitoring matters that arise from a death in custody or care and help to monitor the treatment of clients in custody.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (QLD) Ltd is a not-for-profit community-controlled organisation established in 1972 in response to police brutality, institutional racism and the severe disadvantage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience in the justice system and throughout broader society in Australia. Our work is vital in progressing social justice and human rights in Australia for First Nations people.

We appreciate any support  in helping us to advance justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. We are all in this together!

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