Fact Sheets

ATSILS (QLD) has developed a range of legal fact sheets to assist the community to better understand their legal rights and responsibilities when navigating the justice system.

pdf Arrest and Bail

pdf Autopsies

pdf Blue Cards

pdf Child Placement

pdf  Compensation Orders

pdf  Complaints to the Crime and Corruption Commission

pdf  Coronial Matters (Legal Assistance for Families)

pdf Domestic Violence Orders 

pdf Drink Driving

pdf Driver Licences

pdf  Pleas – Guilty or Not Guilty … It’s up to you

pdf Police Interviews_and_Investigations

pdfPolice Powers-ID-Adults

pdf  Police Powers-ID-Juveniles

pdf Police Powers-Move On Powers

pdf Police Powers-Name-and-Address

pdf Police Powers-Searches

pdf Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is Against the Law

pdf Throughcare Services

For information on Torres Strait Islander Traditional Adoption visit:


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