MABO Day Celebration 2020 Are Going Virtual

MEDIA RELEASE: SEQ MABO DAY WORKING GROUP: Celuia Mabo, Nancy Bamaga, Charles Passi, Leon Filewood, Murray Saylor, Daniel Tapau


We give our Love & Respect to the Traditional Owners, Custodians, Elders across these Lands

Due to the COVID-19, South East Queensland Mabo Day Celebrations are going VIRTUAL!

The MABO DAY CELEBRATIONS 2020 Facebook page will be the main portal for all events planned as a part of National Reconciliation Week. https://www.facebook.com/MaboDayCelebrations2020/

MABO DAY, on Wednesday June 3rd 2020, falls at the end of Reconciliation Week. The South East Queensland Mabo Day Working Group have partnered with National Reconciliation Week, Reconciliation Queensland (RQI), Arts Front, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Teralba Park Stolen Generations Support Group Inc, Digi Youth Arts and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to bring MABO DAY CELEBRATIONS 2020 – 28th Anniversary online.


Virtual Events include:  

Arts Front in conversation with Flo Watson OAM – Chairperson & Elder of Teralba Park Stolen Generations Support Group,

The Mabo Day Webinar with speakers including Charles Passi, Dr Rose Elu, Kevin Smith and Hannah Duncan

#MDC2020 Virtual Gathering with performances byJessie Lloyd, Rochelle Pitt, Chris Tamwoy and a very special shout out from the three-time Olympian and NBA Champion, Patty Mills

Digi Youth Arts bringing the voices of Torres Strait Islander youth to the front with a very special Mabo Day Virtual Event.


Please find the Media Release attached for the MABO DAY CELEBRATIONS 2020.


#MaboDay #MDC2020 #NRW2020 #InThisTogether



Nancy Bamaga: SEQ Working Group: 0412 885 501 | nancy@bamagaproductions.com.au

Busty Beatz:  Social Media Co-ordinator on behalf of SEQ Mabo Day Working Group | 0404 406 645 | busty@hotbrownhoney.com

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