National Apology Day – 13th February 2024

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations delivered by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
We stand with the Stolen Generations and honour their spirit of survival in striving to overcome the extreme trauma and injustice caused by child removal and assimilation policies.
With the current rates of child removals continuing to spiral at unacceptable rates, we call on all levels of government to take more action. This is a crisis across the nation and more support is needed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led organisations and community initiatives striving to keep children connected with their families, kin and country.
If you need support on your journey to reunite with your people and country contact Link-Up (Qld).
Link-Up (Qld) aims to bring a sense of peace, identity and belonging to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have been separated from their family and culture.
To learn more about National Apology Day visit:
National Apology | National Museum of Australia (nma.gov.au)