NEW – Murri Court Website Launched. Great resources available for defendants, stakeholders & the public.

The webpage features information on how the Murri Court process works along with information on the history of the court. Intended for use by stakeholders, Community Justice Groups, defendants, and the general public, the Murri Court webpage is the first of the Courts Innovation Program’s webpages to be revamped as DJAG continue our effort to keep our programs accessible to the community.

The webpage now provides links to a variety of documents including:

· Murri Court forms and templates including payment claim forms
· Murri Court brochure, poster, and factsheets
· Murri Court videos
· Murri Court practice direction and important legislation
· Murri Court feedback report
· Murri Court evaluation report

The Murri Court Website can be found here:


What is Murri Court?

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