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Stand With Indigenous Kids in Australia – Amnesty International

Community KidsIn one month, our state and federal leaders will meet to discuss the issues most pressing for a peaceful, prosperous Australia.

Make sure that the over-representation of Indigenous kids behind bars is high on their agenda > http://amn.st/6186Bu97n

For kids, community is everything. It’s kids’ connections with family and community that lets them flourish, and sets them up for life. Belonging matters and communities provide it.

But our government is separating Indigenous kids from their communities. Kids as young as 10 are being locked up, all across Australia.

If you’re an Indigenous kid, you are 24 times more likely to be locked up than your non-Indigenous classmates.

Fortunately, Indigenous people have the solutions — community-led programs that support kids, and if they get in trouble, help them address the reasons why. Now we need our government to support these solutions too.


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