QLD STATE BUDGET: Youth Justice Conferencing Reinstated

More positive news for Queensland’s justice system with confirmation in the State budget that Youth Justice Conferencing will be reinstated.

If your child breaks the law and admits to the crime, police have the option to refer your child to a youth justive conference instead of sending them to court.

A youth justice conference is a meeting between a young offender who has committed a crime and the people affected by that crime. The process looks to ensure the offender acknowledges the impacts and consequences of crime for victims and the community. A conference provides an opportunity for everybody involved to be heard and allows all involved to be a part of the decision-making about how your child should make up for their crime.

The focus of youth justice conferencing is on repairing the harm caused by your child’s offending behaviour.

More information on Youth Justice Conferencing: http://bit.ly/1LhytSD

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