Service Suspensions

ATSILS Temporary Service Suspensions Update – September 2023

Throughout 2022 & 2023 ATSILS (QLD) had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend a range of services in several regions. The regions affected included Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Maroochydore, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Beenleigh, Strathpine, Rockhampton and Ipswich (Richlands).

Due to additional funding provided by the Queensland Government, ATSILS (QLD) has been able to successfully recruit a number of new staff to mitigate most of the service suspensions in these regions. Below is a short update relevant to each location.

Update September 2023: Cairns remains our greatest challenge due to a combination of factors. At this stage, the current temporary service suspensions are likely to continue at least until the end of October.

Update September 2023: Rockhampton remains a significant challenge due to a scarcity of prospective recruits in or into the region. At this stage, the current temporary service suspensions will continue until at least the end of October – possibly longer.

Update September 2023: Due to successful recruitment initiatives in this region, all service suspensions are expected to be lifted as of the end of September.

Brisbane Office
Update September 2023: Due to successful recruitment initiatives in this region, all service suspensions are expected to be lifted as of the end of September.

Update September 2023: An additional legal practitioner allocated to Maroochydore out of the funding commences at the end of October – so it is likely that the temporary suspensions out of this office will need to remain in place at least until then.

Mount Isa
Update September 2023: All service suspensions were lifted at the end of August.

Update September 2013: Due to recent successful recruitments – the temporary service suspension (Richlands Courthouse) will end as of the 9th of October.

Beenleigh and Strathpine
Prior Suspensions – since lifted (Update September 2023: no changes – no suspensions in place).

In conclusion
ATSILS (QLD) received excellent funding outcome news in mid-June. This has seen a significant increase in staff morale and our retention and recruitment. We cannot thank the Attorney, the associated departmental staff, and all others concerned, enough.

Service Suspensions

Current Carrer Opportunities – Legal Practitioners, Court Support & Throughcare

ATSILS - Legal Job VacanciesCurrent career opportunities with ATSILS – Applications closing soon!
To find out more or apply, visit –
Competitive salaries, professional development opportunities and work flexibility options in a range of great urban and regional locations.
6 x Legal Practitioner Vacancies – Criminal Law
(Ipswich, Roma, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Murgon, Mt Isa)
1 x Legal Practitioner Vacancy – Family/Civil
(Mt Isa)
1 x Legal Practitioner Vacancy – Coronial and Public Sector Monitoring & CLE
1 x Court Support Officer – *identified position/Parental Leave Contract (Murgon)
1 x Throughcare Officer – Male DFV Prevention
To find out more or apply, visit –
Email:, or ring our Human Resources team in Brisbane on 61-7-30253888.
Service Suspensions

Townsville Office Phone and ICT Outage

ATSILS Townsville office is currently experiencing a critical technical service outage affecting phone and ICT services.

Service restoration is estimated to be in place by tomorrow 10/08, updates will be provided when available.

In the meantime please call 1800 012 255 if you need to make urgent contact with the Townsville team or contact our Cairns office which are assisting with client enquiries – (07) 4046 6400.

Service Suspensions

Temporary Service Suspensions – Ipswich Region

Regrettably, ATSILS Ipswich Regional Office will be temporarily suspending services at Richlands Magistrates Court for all new in custody matters, adult duty lawyer and Saturday Court (we will still undertake in-custody matters for existing clients). This will come into effect as of Monday, 29 May 2023. Staff will still conduct services for Childrens Court matters on Thursday, including ongoing matters and duty lawyer services. Our office will continue to act for all current ongoing matters and staff will also appear in the Murri Court. For the Murri Court, our Ipswich Regional Office will continue to accept referrals.

At this stage, the temporary suspension of services will be until 31 July, however this will be subject to review. It will be brought forward if a replacement staff can be recruited and onboarded sooner than anticipated, however the suspension period could also be extended if recruitment takes longer.

For more information on all temporary service suspensions across Queensland view:

Service Suspensions

Welcoming new members of the team in MT Isa

Our Chief Executive Officer, Shane Duffy and our Principal Legal Officer, Greg Shadbolt spent several days out on Kalkadoon country this week catching up with our Mt Isa staff and stakeholders.
It was a good opportunity to meet and yarn-up with newer staff for the first time as well as provide support to our new Regional Manager at Mount Isa, Dominique (Dom) Leong. It was also great to catch up with His Honour District Court Judge Nathan Jarro – who was on court circuit this week in Mount Isa.
L to R
Greg Shadbolt, Leith Seymour (CSO); Shane; Katie Rose (lawyer – crime); Mariah Wilde (seated – CSO); Dominique Leong (RM); Alenza Mariana (lawyer – crime); Shay-Lee Laing (lawyer – crime); Amrit Prihar (lawyer – crime); Scott Sier (seated – lawyer – crime – Normanton office); Tjabadungah Yanner (admin – his last day today); and Natasha Burns (Through Care – Youth
Service Suspensions

Cairns Regional Office Upgrade!

Our Cairns office has had an upgrade, and our CEO – Shane Duffy and Director of Communications and Sector Engagement – Graham White, had a chance to view the completed works while in town meeting with the team. The upgrades were undertaken to meet the needs of our growing workforce and the interior design incorporates our new branding and landscape images to give the space a strong sense of connection to the region we service.

The executive spent valuable time with staff from the Civil, Criminal and Family law teams, the Throughcare team and the client services team discussing local service delivery opportunities and issues. They also met with the Atherton Community Justice Group, Family Responsibilities Commission, The First Nations Justice Officer, working to develop collaborative partnerships to improve service outcomes for community and clients.

Our Cairns office offers Criminal, Civil & Family law services as well as Throughcare services to communities in FNQ.



ATSILS meets with The Federal Attorney-General in Gladstone

Gladstone ATSILSThis week ATSILS CEO Shane Duffy and the team servicing Gladstone had the pleasure of meeting with The Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus MP. The Attorney-General was in regional Queensland conducting his first visits with legal assistance providers since becoming Attorney-General.
Meeting with the Attorney-General at the Gladstone Courthouse proved a great opportunity for the team to give a firsthand account of the important work ATSILS undertakes in providing access to justice for the most vulnerable in the community.
The ever-increasing demand for legal assistance was a key service delivery challenge on display in Gladstone during the AGs’ time there. During the visit, our CEO took the opportunity to announce that in the coming months ATSILS will be expanding its service by establishing a permanent office and workforce in Gladstone to respond to the identified legal needs of the community. This will include additional criminal law and court support officer positions. Currently, members of ATSILS criminal law team travel down from Rockhampton to service the Gladstone community. Having criminal law staff permanently based in Gladstone is critically needed to improve access to justice for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the region.
ATSILS would like to thank the Attorney-General for the valuable time shared in Gladstone. Throughout discussions, it was clear the Attorney-General had a deep understanding of the vital role legal assistance providers play in the justice system. He was sensitive to the service delivery challenges highlighted by the team and keenly aware of how far current resourcing is being overstretched in the legal assistance sector in attempts to meet spiralling demand.

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Service Update: Client visits to ATSILS offices

ATSILS Service UpdateFrom today ATSILS offices are once again open to client visits.
We encourage clients however to exercise caution and only attend our offices for necessary face-to-face appointments. Please contact your lawyer to confirm arrangements.
Although face masks 😷 are no longer required in most settings, we strongly recommend our staff and visitors to our office, continue to wear one, especially in small meeting rooms and circumstances where you can’t socially distance.
Please note (as per QLD Health’s advice on 4/04/202), you still need to wear a mask in healthcare settings, disability and aged care facilities, prisons, on planes and when riding public transport.
We thank everyone for their ongoing cooperation as we continue to align our biosecurity measures with State Government Health advice and navigate the pandemic with staff, client and community safety at the centre of our responses.

COVID-19 – Service Delivery Response Measures – January 2022

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 our staff are instructed to use physical distancing and to deliver services via phone or ICT options wherever possible. Please phone your lawyer or our client services staff to confirm the best arrangements for legal appointments or attending court. A full list of office contacts is available here:
Mask wearing will be required for staff, clients and visitors attending ATSILS offices at all times (exceptions are when eating/drinking or there is a medical reason not to wear a mask) until further notice. Surgical masks will be available for visitors at ATSILS offices if required.
If you are feeling unwell with COVID Symptoms or have been a close contact please don’t attend our offices in person, get tested, seek medical help and contact your lawyer for advice.
For more information on what to do if you have COVID-19 visit: